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(Reviews) Batwoman 1x10; Supergirl 5x10; Black Lightning 3x9; Arrow 8x8; Legends Of Tomorrow 5x1

Batwoman 1x10; Supergirl 5x10; Black Lightning 3x10; Arrow 8x9; Legends Of Tomorrow 5x2

Batwoman 1x10

Mary angry at Kate. Can't blame her as Kate brushed her off and now Mary's mother Catherine is dead.

Hacking disrupts Gotham. Pay up or private info goes public, people!

Alice wants to out Kate, but the teen hacker prevents that. She won't out Kate's identity. Good girl!

Is Beth back due to the Crisis?

Kate outs herself to Gotham in CatCo Magazine with an exclusive interview with Kara Danvers. :)

Supergirl 5x10

Lena still has her memories. What now?

Two Brainys? No, multiple Brainys! Remnants of the collapsed Multiverse.

Will Lena partner with Lex?

Bad Brainy has his world shrunk into a bottle.

Without the inhibitors, Brainy is his classic comics self.

Brainy has to give up Nia to stop Lex?

Lex and Lena shake hands on their partnership.

Break-up for Brainiac/Nia!

Lillian's scheming with Lex.

Black Lightning 3x10

Jefferson and Jen get back from their other dimensions, but the Occupation is still the same.

Lynn's addiction to Green Light is getting worse. She and Jefferson fight when he finds out.

Jen helps an ill Brandon, whose powers are causing earthquakes!

T.C., the electronics meta, finds Gambi and learns the Pierce secrets.

Brandon and Jen are captured and collared by the A.S.A. but escape.

The Pod Kids are rescued by the Resistance in an exciting battle.

Arrow 8x9

Mia is happy in 2040 with no memory of her past life until Laurel zaps her up to speed. Mia's engaged to J.J. (Deathstroke Pre-Crisis).

Dinah woke up in 2040 and realized there was no trace of her back in 2020. She bought a bar and sings there every night.

Bianca Bertinelli (Helena's younger sister) is kidnapped. Her death will trigger disaster in Star City.

I can see why Mia would resist becoming Green Arrow. The life of a hero versus a happily-married socialite. Hmm, choices! ;)

Mia's brother William is kidnapped and J.J.'s memories are activated!

Legends Of Tomorrow 5x2

Hoo, boy. Funding was cut off for the Legends so Ava is allowing a documentary to be filmed to get publicity (and future money).

Rasputin returns from the dead in 1917. John Constantine finds out he's one of the villains who get a free pass from hell.

Sara's still upset over Oliver's death but eventually Ava makes things right. Great kiss, ladies! :)

Rasputin is blown up, Atom-style! Messy!

Ava torpedoes the documentary to give the Legends their privacy again. Mick stole a Faberge Egg worth $50,000,000 so no more money worries. And he hands over the Rebecca Silver books to Mona, who leaves the Waverider to write.

Nate sees computer footage of . Looks like Leia in A New Hope. "Help me, Nate! You're my only hope!" ;)
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