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(Reviews) Arrow 8x8; Legends Of Tomorrow 5x1

Arrow 8x8; Legends Of Tomorrow 5x1

So concludes the Crisis on Infinite Earths!

Arrow 8x8

Ollie as the Spectre! Cool and kind of funny, in some ways. :)

The Speed Force is the key to stopping the Anti-Monitor (accidentally created by the Monitor 10,000 years ago).

The Seven Paragons fight the forces of the Anti-Monitor in his anti-matter universe. They defeat him and create a new universe.

Ollie as the Spectre dies again.

Legends Of Tomorrow 5x1

Starts out with a Marv Wolfman cameo, tee hee.

The streamlined Earth is a shock to Barry and Kara, who realize there really is no multiverse anymore. The only ones who know are the Paragons and the heroes that work with them (courtesy of J'onn's mental powers).

An even bigger shock is that Lex Luthor is a considered a good guy! WTF?

An attack by a giant Beebo distracts the heroes while a robbery takes place. The attack in Washington, D.C., interrupts Mick's book-signing, which doesn't set well with him! :)

Nice shout-out to George Perez with Perez Landing. :)

More threats by the Anti-Monitor, detected by Nash Wells. A shrink bomb boots the Anti-Monitor into the microverse! Earth saved again!

Aww, the Diggles got their daughter back.

Oliver is publicly acknowledged as the hero of the story, and an Eternal Flame is lit for him by Supergirl's heat vision in an abandoned S.T.A.R. Labs warehouse which looks like the beginning of the Justice League, complete with round table and embossed chairs for Supergirl, Superman, the Flash, Black Lightning, White Canary, the Martian Manhunter, and Batwoman.

Sara was sad that there's no one left who knew who she was before she got on the Queens' boat, but she has a new family now in the Legends. It's a Brave New World!

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