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Who Needs Mistletoe When You've Got A Bomb?

Smallville "Gemini" (Episode 9) (Season 7) (December 13, 2007) 

Wow.  Lots of stuff here tonight.


Chloe finally tells Jimmy the truth, and he seems okay with it, but I wonder...  

These two don't need mistletoe to kiss.  A bomb will do.  ;) 


Grant Gabriel/Julian Luthor is a clone!  Lex is so desperate for love that he created his little brother.


Can I say that despite all he’s done, I feel sorry for Lex?  Imagine growing up and watching your mother and little brother die and be left in the care of your monstrous father, suffer breakdowns, some induced by said father, and be driven to destroy the best relationship of your life (Clark).  To be so desperate to mean something to somebody that you create a clone of your dead brother!  As always, Michael Rosenbaum amazes as we saw the hurt and longing in his face as Grant walked out on him.

I think that's the tragedy of the Clex for me: Lex is capable of love and channeling it into a constructive way, because we saw him do it in the early seasons toward Clark.  The Tale of the Clex is missed opportunities and lost chances between the two of them, who would make each other happy in a dark  SV world. 


I felt sorry for Lois.  Another break-up.  Guess she’s destined for a string of failures until…;)  And, Lois, dear?  You will be working with your future hubby.  ;)


Who knew it wasn’t the real Clark in the first minute?  Raises hand  Something off about the boy, especially when he kept yakking about wanting to put Lex behind bars.  If anything, Clark has become more ambivalent about Lex recently.  Also just writing Kara off?  Not our Clarkie!  J


Hell, I even felt sorry for Lana to be in the arms of Bizarro!  *shudders*


I could be messing this up, but Bizarro isn’t part of the Brainiac, so that means that little threat is still out there.  Unless I forgot something about Bizarro’s origins.

Grant could be an interesting wild card in the future: he resents Lex now, but will some residual loyalty remain?

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