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(Reviews) Supergirl 5x9; Batwoman; 1x9; Black Lightning 3x9; The Flash 6x9 

(Reviews) Supergirl 5x9; Batwoman; 1x9; Black Lightning 3x9; The Flash 6x9

Crisis On Infinite Earths begins!  

Leading off with Supergirl:

Supergirl 5x9

Lois and Clark gone as Argo City is destroyed by the wave of anti-matter, but they rocket Baby Jonathan to Earth. Ah, but Harbinger saved Lois and Clark and gathers the heroes.

Lena's asked to help save Earth-38's people and continues to whine to Alex, "You and Kara betrayed me." Methinks the lady doth protest too much.

Nice Ollie and Sara scene on Earth-46. He felt guilty about bringing her aboard the Gambit and losing her at sea, but she assured him it set into motion fantastic events that's led to her happiness, or Earth-46's Sara. :)

Ollie dies while buying time for a billion people to get off Earth-38, but it wasn't the Destiny that the Monitor foresaw!And Nash Wells is fated to what the Anti-Monitor was doing, as he had released him.

Batwoman 1x9

Quite an episode!

Lex meets Clark on Earth-167. Tom Welling still doesn't wear the cape and tights! Gave up his powers. "But you were a god!"

I did like Clark looking Lex over and saying, "You're not Lex."

Erica Durance as Lois a fun appearance after she got wiped out as Alura on Argo City!

Lex gets the Brandon Routh Superman to attack the Tyler Hoechlin Superman but Lois snaps him out of it. Good battle scenes.

Old exo-skeleton Bruce killed his Superman. Kate appalled. Nice touch with him quoting '50s TV Superman opening.

Mia revives Ollie in the Lazarus Pit of another Earth, but without his soul he's a monster.

The Anti-Monitor appears to Lyla.

Black Lightning 3x9

Jennifer is questioning the A.S.A.'s motives.

The Crisis has arrived.

On GEN Earth-1, Odell orders Jefferson killed.

On JINN Earth-2, Jen works with Odell and goes power-mad, killing her whole family!

Black Lightning is whisked away just before the anti-matter wave hits. What about his world?

The Flash 6x9

Nice talk between Lois and the Monitor. The Monitor once had a family, and his world was destroyed.

The heroes try to stop the Anti-Matter Wave at the source, including Black Lightning, whose Earth was just destroyed.

Earth-90 Flash makes the ultimate sacrifice, sparing Earth-1's Flash. The Wave is stopped!

Meanwhile, Kara lets Kate keep the Green K. The World's Finest! :)

Jim Corrigan (The Spectre) comes for Oliver.

Harbinger is controlled by the Anti-Monitor! The Crisis isn't over! All the Earths are gone!

The seven Paragons are transported to a place outside of space and time. Brandon Routh Superman is killed by Lex, who used the Book of Destiny to eliminate him and become the Paragon of Truth.

Grim times indeed!

Has it lived up to the hype? I'm not sure any shows could live up to the hype that CW has been pushing, but the stories have been entertaining and the guest appearances a lot of fun! I'd recommend this crossover for any DC fan. :)

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