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Fic Recs: North Pole Fics That Delight The Heart And Soul

I absolutely have to recommend the following fics by the wonderfully-talented pervyficgirl: To Face Unafraid, a story set at the North Pole starring our favorite DCU characters. This first one centers around Kon/Tim, but even if you don't usually read this pairing, I'd recommend it as it's well-written and sets up the 'world' Pervy has created for the next fic, A Time For Celebration, which is one of my ALL-TIME FAVORITES! :) It is also one of the most delightful, well-written and hilarious fanfics that is just perfect for this time of year. :) The main pairings/threesomes are Dick/Roy and Diana/Clark/Bruce.

They were written last year so some of you may already have read them, but why not re-visit? And if you haven't, they are joy like freshly-fallen snow! ;)

So, if you're interested in clever fic and DCU characters in a new (and fun) light, why not check them out? :)

P.S. Don't fool with Mother Nature (Dinah!) ;)
Tags: black canary, christmas, clark kent/bruce wayne/diana prince, dick grayson/roy harper, dinah lance, fanfic, holiday, kon-el/tim drake, rec, robin/speedy, superboy/robin iii, superman/batman/wonder woman
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