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(Reviews) Batwoman 1x8; Supergirl 5x8; Black Lightning 3x8; The Flash 6x8; Arrow 8x7

Batwoman 1x8; Supergirl 5x8; Black Lightning 3x8; The Flash 6x8; Arrow 8x7

Batwoman 1x8

Beth saves Kate from the armor-piercing weapon.

Alice kidnaps Jacob, who is being impersonated by Mouse, but Kate figures it out..

The Wonderland Gang crashes the Humanitarian Gala and forces Catherine to make a damaging speech. Alice also poisoned Catherine with her own company's toxin. Catherine dies in daughter Mary's arms. Alice frames Jacob for Catherine's murder. Alice forced Mary to take the antidote that could have saved her

Supergirl 5x8

Kara won't give up on Lena!

Alex tells Kara that Lena isn't so virtuous herself.

Rama Khan starts a volcano.

Malefic's Q-waves stop Myriad.

The Monitor appears to J'onn and Lex.

Harrison Wells opens the Monitor's portal in Central City and is transformed.

Black Lightning 3x8

Tobias continues to manipulate Lynn.

Gambi and Anissa plan to broadcast to the outside world the truth about the A.S.A.

Eviction of an old friend unite Jefferson and Bill.

Thunder fights Painkiller! She discovers he's Khalil.

The message to the outside world uploaded. Hopefully it got out!

Gambi guides Lynn out of the Pit but she loses her bag with the cure for the virus.

Black Lightning defeats the A.S.A. at Franklin Terrace. Welcome to the Resistance, Jefferson!

The Flash 6x8

Bloodwork and Flash infect the city. Very Night Of The Living Dead!

Team Flash wins and waits for the Crisis.

Arrow 8x7

The gang is brought to Lian Yu, Oliver's island of trials.

Poor Roy loses his arm because of the plane crash.

Lots of good relationship scenes between Ollie and various characters.

A super-weapon is built, but can only be activated by Lyla, who becomes Harbinger. The Crisis has begun!

Next: Crisis On Infinite Earths!

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