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Fic: Beautiful Young Man (2/4)

Title: Beautiful Young Man (2/4)
Author: BradyGirl
Pairings/Characters: Dick, Alfred, Clark/Bruce, Roy, (Clark/Dick/Bruce eventually)
Genre: Drama
Rating: (this chapter): PG-13
Warnings: None
Spoilers: None
General Summary: The World’s Finest fit together…in everything.
Summary: Dick gets a special birthday present. :)
Date Of Completion: December 3, 2007
Date Of Posting: December 11, 2007
Disclaimer: I don’t own ‘em, DC does, more’s the pity.
Word Count: 1166
Feedback welcome and appreciated.
Author’s Note: silvertales requested "How about schmoopy Clark/Bruce watching/waiting/lusting to introduce Dick to the wonders of smex, and both of them torturing him with pleasure. :) A Bruce-Dick-Clark sandwich. :)" from my DCU GSB Fic Request Meme. All chapters can be found here.
Sorry this took so long, Silver, but for some reason, my Muses were quite stubborn about this! But here it is. I hope it was worth the wait! :) 






Dick’s birthday had been celebrated over the weekend with a big society party.  The party was attended by Gotham’s elite, and generated money for charity as Dick requested donations made instead of gifts.


Dick had survived that party only because of Bruce and Clark.  Clark and Lois were there, working for The Daily Planet as society columnist Cat Grant was laid up with stomach flu.


Dick had done his duty, charming society matrons, playing host to the handful of uppercrust friends who attended, and patiently posing for pictures.


He had managed to spend time with Bruce, Clark, and Lois, and the food had been exquisite.  He had drunk two glasses of champagne and had danced with Barbara, Lois, and other women, though he would have preferred the other two-thirds of the World’s Finest as dance partners.


In more ways than one.


He had survived the event, and now was looking forward to the real party.


On Dick’s actual 18th birthday, there was a family party, which included the Titans and Clark.  Alfred was in charge of this one, and Dick came home from school to help with the cooking.


“Tonight you’re going to be of age.” Alfred checked the roast. “It’s an important time in a young man’s life.”


“Was it important to you, Alfred?” Dick took out some plates.


“Oh, yes.  I had a night out with my chums at the local pub.  It was quite enjoyable.  A last fling, if you will, before I went into service.”


Dick took out a cutting board and began chopping celery. “Do you miss England?”


“Oh, sometimes.” Alfred took out another cutting board and began slicing tomatoes. “Life in England is certainly different, but I have no complaints here in America.”


“That’s good.” Dick smiled. “We sure would miss you, Alfred, if you returned home for good.”


“This is my home now.”


Pleased, Dick placed the celery in a bowl.  The ingredients would be all mixed into a salad just before dinner to help keep the lettuce fresh.


“We’re very glad of that.”


“I assume Master Clark is part of that equation?”


Dick laughed. “Yes, since he spends nearly all his spare time here.”


“He’s good for Master Bruce.”


“Yeah.” Dick began chopping yellow peppers.


It was true.  Clark was very good for Bruce.  Clark helped make him laugh, just as Dick did.  He siphoned off a lot of the pressure and reminded Bruce that he was a member of the human race.


I always did that for Bruce, he thought sadly.  He sees me differently from Clark.


He suppressed a sigh as he chopped.  He was being selfish.  If Clark could give Bruce such positives, why should Dick begrudge him?


I’m going to enjoy this party tonight.  Turning eighteen only happens once.


& & & & & &


Dick was pleased.  Friends and family were here, happy for him and enjoying good food and companionship.  He didn’t need ‘a night out with the boys’.  He had ‘a night out’ every night.  He liked staying home for a change.


“Hey, Shortpants.”


Dick grinned. “Hey, Speedy.”


Roy sipped his punch, green eyes dancing. “So how’s it feel to be a man?”


“Hmm, I dunno.  Pretty much like I felt yesterday.”


“Ha.” Roy drained his cup. “Little different from that blow-out over the weekend, huh?”


Dick airily waved a hand. “That was for show.”


Roy watched Clark and Bruce laugh at a joke Diana had just cracked.


“Looks like your mentor is happy.”


“He is.  Very happy.”


Roy leaned forward conspiratorially. “I think Hal and Ollie were knockin’ green boots when they made that cross-country trip.”


Surprised, Dick said, “I thought Ollie loved Dinah.”


“He does.” Roy winked. “He loves Hal, too.”


“And Dinah is okay with this?”


“Are you kidding?  She loves the…companionship.”


A ménage a trois?


Dick looked at Dinah, who was talking with Donna.  Ollie and Hal joined them and Dick watched their easy interactions.  None of them seemed awkward around each other.


Of course, one of them isn’t considered a kid by the other two.


Roy nudged his ribs. “Kinda kinky, huh?”




Threesomes weren’t just kinky…they were workable.


& & & & & &


“Go on to bed, Alfred.  I can clean this place up in no time.” Clark smiled and put a hand on Alfred’s shoulder.


“Very good, sir.  Master Dick?” Dick turned. “Once again, Happy Birthday.”


Dick grinned and came over, giving Alfred a hug.  The older man patted his back, and left for his bedroom.


Dick and Bruce started to clean up, Clark helping.


“Did you enjoy the party, Dick?” Clark asked.


“I did!  Thanks for throwing the party.”


“You’re very welcome.”


“You have to have a party on your 18th birthday.” Bruce picked up some plates.


“Wow, I didn’t know I was such a high priority.” Dick’s voice was teasing.


“You are.” Bruce smiled at Clark, who smiled back, “I think it’s time.”


Dick frowned.  Time for what?


Clark was suddenly a blue blur.  Dick blinked and everything was cleaned and put away.  Clark appeared next to Bruce, his posture casual as his shoulder brushed his lover’s.


They were like two bookends, Clark in his blue shirt and jeans, Bruce in black pants and blazer, the only splash of color that of his cherry-red silk shirt.  They were looking at him with expressions that were loving…and hungry.


Confused, Dick asked, “Bruce?  Clark?  What do you want to tell me?”


Bruce walked forward, cupping his chin and lifting it up. “Do you know how long we’ve waited?”


Dick blinked.  Waited?  For what?


Clark was beside Bruce, his hand lightly touching Dick’s hair. “Unless we’re terrible at reading our Little Bird, you feel the same way,” he said softly.


Feel?  A thousand butterflies launched in Dick’s stomach.  Did Clark mean…?


Bruce’s mouth was on his, hot and possessive and delicious.  Gasping, he felt his knees grow wobbly, and he nearly collapsed as Clark’s mouth replaced Bruce’s.


The room began to spin and strong hands kept him upright.  He looked with wide eyes as Clark broke away, blue eyes sparkling behind his glasses.


Dick’s heart was racing.


“How…how long?”


“Since you were about sixteen.” Bruce nodded to support Clark’s statement. “We knew you were special, Dick.  You’ve always been incredibly mature for your age, a true equal in our eyes.”


Excitement built up in Dick. “You mean…you want me?”


“Yes.” Clark was smiling. “And…we love you.”


Clark drew Dick into an embrace, rubbing his back as Dick’s arms slid around his back.  Tears of joy sprang to his eyes.


When they separated, Dick looked at Bruce, who was smiling, too.


“We watched you grow into a fine, beautiful, young man, Dick.” He touched Dick’s face. “You complete us.” His voice grew soft. “It’s always been the three World’s Finest, not just two.”


Dick smiled as a tear slipped down his cheek.  Wordlessly he held out his hands and his two friends and mentors grasped them, leading him up the grand staircase.




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