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(Reviews) Batwoman 1x7; Supergirl 5x7; Black Lightning 3x6; The Flash 6x6; Arrow 8x5

Batwoman 1x7; Supergirl 5x7; Black Lightning 3x6; The Flash 6x6; Arrow 8x5

Julia Pennyworth appears.

Jacob advised Sophie not to tell the truth at the military academy to keep from being expelled. Now she tells Jacob who Batwoman is because of the theft of a Bat-Kevlar-piercing gun.

Julia plays Batwoman to fool Sophie into thinking that Kate is not Batwoman. Sophie assures her husband Tyler that he is the only one she loves...after Kate tells her its over.

Supergirl 5x7

Leviathan wants Lena's medallion. They think they're caring for the Earth.

Supergirl brings Lena to the Fortress.

Love the scenes between J'onn and his father.

Is Kelly breaking up with Alex?

Brainy and Alex find Leviathan's headquarters.

Supergirl fights Rama Khan (Leviathan) in the Fortress, he escapes, and she catches Lena stealing Myriad, a mind-control device.

Lena, there's a difference between Kara's protection of her identity and your vindictiveness.

After a mindmeld, J'onn and Malefic reconcile.

Black Lightning 3x6

Tavon's death galvanizes Jefferson.

Painkiller's poison is ravaging Anissa.

Bill Henderson recruits the Voice of the Resistance.

Jennifer learns that Brandon has earth powers.

Gambi discovers that Khalil's grave is empty!

The Flash 6x6

Barry and Ralph shenanigans are fun. Love the James Bond-type theme! :)

Harrison 'Nash' Wells tells Allegra about the multiverse and the Monitor.

Bad guys gather to bid on a city-destroying weapon, the Ring of Fire! Good thing Barry and Ralph crashed the party! They save the day with a rousing fight against Meister and Ultra-Violet!

The ceremony at the CCPD honored the Elongated Man and Barry. Barry gets the CCPD Medal of Honor.

Cecile may be on the right track for her new metahuman defense business.

Did Bloodwork just kill Ralph?

Arrow 8x5

Off to Russia they go!

Laurel discovers Lyla is working with the Monitor.

John recruits Roy for the Crisis.

Ollie fights in a Russian fight club to get the McGuffin.

I like Laurel telling Mia what's what.

John and Ollie now know about Lyla!
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