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(Reviews) Batwoman 1x6; Supergirl 5x6; Black Lightning 3x5

Batwoman 1x6; Supergirl 5x6; Black Lightning 3x5

Batwoman 1x6

Mouse and Alice at odds?

Kate doesn't do this secret identity thing very well. Everybody and their sister knows who Batwoman is. An identity is supposed to be secret.

Lucius Fox was kllled by a petty criminal.

The Executioner is killing the good guys. Or are they?

Kate and Jacob reconcile, so Sophie keeps quiet about who Batwoman is.

Supergirl 5x6

Andrea is a ninja type. She failed to break into the DEO successfully.

Flashbacks of Lena and Andrea's friendship. Leviathan brings Andrea into their service to save her father, and Lena discovers the betrayal (Andrea took the medallion Lena wanted on Leviathan's instructions).

Poor Lena. What a cold, lonely woman. 

Selfish, too. When she found out Andrea's reasons for the betrayal, she still focused only on her feelings. She also tossed aside her boyfriend years ago, too focused on her goals. She lacks empathy.

Black Lightning 3x5

Agent Odell focuses on Blackbird, whom he suspects is Anissa.

Jennifer feels sick.

Odell sends Painkiller after Blackbird, who's bringing Tavon back to Freeland. A fight between her and Painkiller! Tavon's hurt!

Lynn's treatment makes Tobias young again for research purposes. That'll go well.

Poor Tavon's gone because of Painkiller's venom.

Lynn wants Tobias 'disappeared'.

After a confrontation with the ASA at school, Jefferson is beaten.

Bill Henderson is the secret leader of the insurgents! Yay, Bill! :)

This was the best episode of the season. Lots going on, and all compelling.

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