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(Reviews) Batwoman 1x5; Supergirl 5x5;The Flash 6x5; Arrow 8x4

Batwoman 1x5; Supergirl 5x5;The Flash 6x5; Arrow 8x4

Batwoman 1x5

Supergirl 5x5

Kara teaming up with William Dey.

Kara not happy with all the virtual reality stuff.

Lena is treading dangerously working with Malefic.

Dreamer gives Supergirl and J'onn a big assist with the tidal wave threatening National City.

Kelly not handling Alex's job danger well.

Lena controls Malefic...for now.

The Flash 6x5

Barry and Iris go on vacation.

Gypsy's dead and Breacher wants Cisco's help in catching her killer.

Joe and Harrison Wells stuck in a tunnel cave-in!

Can Ralph get through to Frost about teamwork? Faith in friends?

Did a pre-psychosis Cisco kill Gypsy? Or another Cisco?

Ralph rescues Joe and Harrison, and Harrison calls Ralph the Lone Ranger because of his domino mask. :)

Gypsy's killer is Echo, an evil version of Cisco. Cisco captures him.

Arrow 8x4

Oliver is reunited with William and Mia, since the kids have been sent back in time from 2040 to 2019. Connor is reunited with Diggle, except John hasn't met him yet!

The original Deathstroke's son, Grant Wilson, bombs a hospital.

Poor Rene finds out this his daughter Zoey is dead in the future. J.J. (Diggle's son) killed her. Knowledge of the future is a bummer!

The Arrows defeat the Deathstrokes. Was the future changed? Will it all be for naught because of the Crisis? We shall see.

Liked seeing Curtis again.

The Monitor offers Laurel restoration of her Earth: she must betray Oliver Queen.

Ugh, I hope not. I'd hate to see Laurel do this, but it's a tempting offer. Bringing back her world and her loved ones? Hard to turn down.

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