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Halloween Week!!!

It's Halloween Week!!! :)

Yep, the best week of the year. Okay, Thanksgiving and Christmas Weeks are good, too, but do they contain Halloween? I think not! ;)

Our peak foliage is later this year, probably due to some crazy weather we had earlier. Everything is a riot of color!

My place is all decorated. I've got white and yellow pumpkins this year. I've gotten quite a few compliments on my Witch door decoration.

I went to a Halloween party and wore a Witch's hat, Halloween-themed jewelry, a shirt that said 'Ghouls' Night Out', black pants and shoes, and carried a plastic cauldron and broom. :)

Lots of costumes and spooky decorations, and a fine menu. Appetizers included chicken wings, pizza rolls, and pigs-in-a-blanket. The entree was pasta with meatballs and sausages, and I had graveyard (chocolate) cake for dessert. :)

So stir that cauldron, fly that broom, and eat that candy! ;)

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Tags: christmas, halloween, holiday, rl, thanksgiving, tree, witch
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