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(Reviews) Batwoman 1x4; Supergirl 5x4; Black Lightning 3x4; The Flash 6x4; Arrow 8x3

(Reviews) Batwoman 1x4; Supergirl 5x4; Black Lightning 3x4; The Flash 6x4; Arrow 8x3

Batwoman 1x4

Magpie a master thief! She's no Catwoman, but she'll do. She even steals Martha Wayne's pearls, on display at Wayne Tower.

Reagan tired of all the broken dates and obvious lying. Short relationship!

Catherine blackmailed by Alice. Catherine persuaded Jacob that Beth was dead. Wow, she's confessing to Jacob!

Supergirl 5x4

Malefic is suddenly impervious to DEO traps.

Alex is now mind-controlled by Malefic!

Brainy pretty cranky over his break-up.

The Olsens' hometown is dying. A prison is the main industry. Bleah.

Big confrontation between Malefic and the good guys in a movie theater. Malefic banished to the Phantom Zone!

Brainy and Nia make up.

James going back home to fight corruption.

Snarky reporter William Dey really investigating Andrea Rojas.

"Don't call me Chief. Call me Jimmy."

Lena hijacked Malefic!

Black Lightning 3x4

Liked Jennifer walking Jefferson through the checkpoint.

The Occupation is tough to live under.

Huge fight between Anissa and Jefferson over Anissa's girlfriend Grace.

Lynn's working hard against the meta virus.

She's found a cure!

Black Lightning and Thunder free ASA prisoners from Freeland's jail.

Odell is secretly hooking Lynn on Green Light, and hoodwinking Jennifer into buying into his cause.

The Flash 6x4

Cisco can't accept Barry's impending demise.

Dr. Ramsey Rosso's cure is worse than the disease!

'Indiana Jones' Harrison Wells wants Barry and Cisco to build him a crypto-circuit in exchange for a serum to cure Ramsey.

Ralph is stuck on the Dearborn case.  He can't rescue Barry, so why bother?

What a Halloween!

Good, tearful Barry/Joe scene.

Harrison's tracking the Monitor!

Arrow 8x3

Ollie meets up with Thea while John and Lyla attempt to rescue the kidnapped Sandra and Connor.

Ollie and Thea ask Talia al-Ghul for help in finding out about the Monitor. Talia does the double-cross, of course.

Lots of good Ollie/Thea moments in this episode.

Wow, John and Lyla are a great team!

Cool Thea/Talia fight. Talia yields!

Thea will rebuild the League of Assassins as the Leaugue of Heroes with Talia's help. As Talia says, "Two women wielding the sword of the League? My father would be appalled!" So she's in. :)
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