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Week 8: New England Patriots 27, Cleveland Browns 13 (8-0) (Sunday, October 27, 2019)

Week 8: New England Patriots 27, Cleveland Browns 13 (8-0) (Sunday, October 27, 2019)

Pouring rain!

The first half started out well for the Patriots, scoring 17 points in the first quarter. Julian Edelman had a touchdown. The Browns looked inept but managed to score 10 points before halftime, so they were still in it. The defense grabbed three turnovers, one a short snatch from an underhand shovel pass!

The second half is 24-10 right now. Offense is sputtering because we have 4 back-ups playing on the O-line! So that affects everything on O. Julian did get another touchdown this half. :)

Ben Watson, a tight end who had played with the team years ago, showed he's still got game and a connection with Tom Brady! :)

Mohamed Sanu, who had just been traded from the Falcons, made a few catches, one key, will really fly when he learns the entire offense.

Bill Belichick won his 300th game as a Head Coach. He's third all-time behind Don Shula (1st) and George Halas (2nd).

The Patriots and 49ers remain unbeaten.

The Jets and Bills lost, and Miami plays tonight. EDIT: They lost!

Next week, on to Baltimore to meet the Ravens!


NE 8-0
BUFF 5-2
NYJ 1-6
Miami 0-7

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