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Fic: Beautiful Diamond (2/2)

Title:  Beautiful Diamond (2/2) (Ice)
Author: BradyGirl 
Pairings/Characters: Superman/Batman
Rating: G
Warnings: None.
Spoilers: None
Summary:  Batman must follow his heart to save Superman. 
Date Of Completion: January 30, 2007
Date Of Posting: January 30, 2007
Word Count: 1073
Disclaimer: DC owns ‘em, I just play with ‘em.
Notes: Written for the World's Finest Challenge #8: Heart of Ice. All 
chapters can be found here.





Bruce stared at the icy coffins.  Heart pounding, he cautiously approached one.


No, not a coffin.  His gloved fist clenched. 


All the life-sized figurines were laid out in clear boxy cases.  Male and female, they
were all beautiful, like diamonds in a jeweler’s display case.


He hurried his pace, checking each case.


“The Queen of Ice collects beauty.”


Zatanna had been right about that, but he was only interested in one particular beauty.


He found Clark in a special clearing.  Awe tinged his face as he absorbed the sparkling
rainbow of light surrounding his friend.


Crystalline trees bowed gracefully over the case, their startling colors creating arcs
of rainbows over the glass.  Or was it ice?


Inside, Clark slept in icy repose.


Bruce felt a myriad of emotions wash over him as he gazed at Clark’s face: joy, fear,


His hand slowly caressed the top of the case.  Cold seeped through his glove, sending
a chill through him.


“I see you have come.”


Bruce’s head jerked up.  He had not heard anyone’s approach.


His eyes widened.


The Ice Queen stood only six feet away, her crystal beauty stunning this close up. She
wore a white gown that shimmered and a crown that sparkled.  Bruce wasn’t sure if the
crown was made of ice or diamonds, an amused thought skittering through his mind.


Does it matter, as ice is slang for diamonds, anyway?


The planes of her face were distinctive but curiously soft for a woman of literal ice. 
Her hair was swept back from her face, her eyes a pale blue, serene as she gazed at


Bruce felt a little shiver crawl through him.  It was no illusion: she was made entirely
of ice.


“Of course I’ve come.” Bruce kept his hand on the case. “You kidnapped Superman!”


The Queen cocked her head. “Did I?”


“He didn’t come willingly!”


She took a string of diamonds from the folds of her skirt.  Long, graceful fingers
slid over the beads like a penitent whispering over an icy rosary.


“Are you sure?”


Bruce frowned. “I’m sure.”


The beads made a faint clicking noise. “Do you know what I collect?”


“People of beauty.”


The Queen smiled in gentle amusement. “That, too.”


“What else?”


“I collect broken hearts.”


Bruce frowned again. “Superman hasn’t broken off a love affair lately.” He and Lois were
long over.


“That does not mean he does not love another.”


“Your Majesty, I’ve come here to reclaim Superman.”


The Queen inclined her head with a frosty smile. “Go ahead.”


Bruce regarded her warily but lifted the lid of the case.  He looked down helplessly at
the crystalline form of his friend.


“You want the key to rescuing him, do you not?”


Bruce forced himself to be patient. “How do I transform Superman back?”


“His One True Love must kiss him awake.”


Bruce felt stunned. “He and Lois are finished!  How can he be turned back to flesh and


“Dear Batman, I do not refer to Lois Lane.”


“Then who?”


The Queen’s smile was amused as her ice-blue eyes gazed at him.


Bruce felt a chill skitter down his spine.


She doesn’t mean…


“Why do you think you reached this grove simply by following your heart?”


Bruce’s hand was a block of ice.  Numbness turned to a wild heat as all his feelings
coalesced into a white-hot sun of realization.


Can it be true?  Are my feelings of friendship for Clark even more?


He remembered the recent visit of Clark to Wayne Manor, and his appreciation of his
friend’s physical beauty.  Why wouldn’t that mean…?


“’One whose heart is true…’” he quoted from the parchment.


“…’is the One True Love’”. She waved her hand in the direction from which Bruce had just
come. “All of my beauties are heartbroken.  Their hearts have turned to ice.” Affection
shone in her eyes. “They are all my precious jewels, like the string of a necklace.” She
placed the beads around her neck. “They are all beautiful diamonds.” The large diamond
that swung at the end of her necklace sparkled.


“Yes, they’re a girl’s best friend,” Bruce said sarcastically.  With his free hand he
fingered the teleport diamond he had put away in a pouch in the lining of his cape. In
this case, probably a boy’s best friend, too. “And you would just allow me to transform
him and then walk away?”


“Of course.” The Queen fingered her necklace. “I do not keep mended hearts.”


Bruce looked down at Clark.  An ice sculpture of exquisite beauty.  Sparkling like a
diamond.  A Sleeping Beauty who could be awakened with a kiss.


Bruce was not astounded by his feelings.  His feeling was more of surprise.  Perhaps he
had realized the truth a long time ago, deep down inside.  And now…


I do love you, Clark.


A small smile spread across his face.  It would be easy to do what was necessary. 
Looking back on his memories, he didn’t think Clark would mind.


The lid lifted easily and Bruce leaned over the ice sculpture.


His lips met cold, but warmth spread out from his body to envelop Clark.


A rainbow of light burst out from the two of them, creating a corona of joy.  Bruce
felt his heart beat with that joy as warm lips kissed him back.


“Clark,” he breathed.




Bruce opened his eyes to see the star-blue eyes of his best friend…and one true love.


“It’s okay now.”


Bruce held out his hand and Clark took it, sitting up.  Rainbow light threaded through
his hair like a string of diamonds.




Both men looked at the Queen, whose smile was affectionate.


Bruce helped Clark stand up, putting his arm around his friend, who wobbled slightly.


“Who…who are you?” Clark asked.


“The Queen of Ice, my dear.” Her fingers stroked the diamond. “You have been awakened.”


Puzzled, Clark looked down at the case, then at Bruce.  Bruce tightened his hold.


“Her Majesty is a collector.”


“Collector?  Of…what?”




Clark blushed.  Bruce wanted to kiss him.


“And now you may go.”


Bruce spoke up. “But the others…”


“…will be released when their True Loves come for them.” The Queen’s smile grew
incandescent as blue/white light consumed her and she vanished.


Clark was still shaky but his eyes were clear as he turned to look at his companion.


“My True Love?”


“Clark, let me tell you a little tale while we take a trek back home…”











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