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(Reviews) Batwoman 1x3; Supergirl 5x3; Black Lightning 3x3; The Flash 6x3; Arrow 8x2

Batwoman 1x3; Supergirl 5x3; Black Lightning 3x3;The Flash 6x3; Arrow 8x2

Kate: "I'm not Batman." No, Kate, you're Batwoman.

Mary ends up with a bodyguard: Sophie.

Tommy Elliot is a Grade-A jerk. He knows Bruce is Batman.  Steals a Bat-armor-piercing gun.

The red wig appears! :)

Batwoman saves the elevator victims.

Alice saves Kate's life. Still a killer, though.

Reagan the Bartender a new girlfriend for Kate? Sophie's jealous!

Figures Sophie's hubby is a decent guy. He's probably got heartbreak in his future.

Batwoman is acknowledged by the city. So her story begins!

Supergirl 5x3


Kara brings Lena French pastry...from France! And pastries from Milan and Dublin, too.

J'onn's memories show Malefic had powers from birth but unable to connect to the Martian hive mind.

His father wiped out knowledge of Malefic's existence, the cardinal sin in Martian culture..  No, wait, it was J'onn!

Kara steals for Lena. So begins Lena's manipulation.

Brainy breaks up with Nia. His 'too much' is who he is.

Kelly is in danger from Malefic (she can see him when he shapeshifts) so she must leave town.

Black Lightning 3x3

A virus is attacking the metas.  Agent Odell enlists Lynn's aid in the search for a cure.  On the side, he tortures Tobias for information.

Jefferson takes on a mission from Odell.  Fancy new suit!

Odell's a busy man. Now he's got Jennifer on a mission for him.

Khalil's quite the murder machine!

Lynn and Jefferson are released. But for how long?

The Flash 6x3

Barry and Iris tell the team that the Crisis has moved up.  Killer Frost is full of rage about it.

Ralph's mother is pretty sketchy! :)

Dark matter is the MacGuffin this week.

Ralph and his mother come to an understanding.

A new Harrison Wells shows up. An Indiana Jones-type!

Iris and Barry come clean about his impending death.

Arrow 8x2

Ollie is transported to Hong Kong by the Monitor, along with Diggle and Laurel, who is struggling with the loss of her Earth.

Well, Ollie and John are successful in their mission for the Monitor, but Ollie is beginning to have doubts about the Monitor.

And Lyla? She's working for the Monitor unbeknownst to John and the others.

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