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Week 5: New England Patriots 33, Washington Redskins 7 (5-0) (Sunday, October 6, 2019)

Week 5: New England Patriots 33, Washington Redskins 7 (5-0) (Sunday, October 6, 2019)

The Pats' O struggled in the first half, our replacement kicker missed an extra point, and our defense let up a sloppy TD. Fortunately, adjustments were made at halftime and the running game got going as the Patriots pulled away from the Redskins. Jules had a good game as did Sony Michel, James White, and Rex Burkhead.

The defense was outstanding, as usual, except for missed tackles that resulted in Washington's only score. We've really got something this year.

Tom passed Brett Favre to take third place in all-time passing yards. He can pass Peyton Manning in the next game. Drew Brees is the leader.

It sounded like a home game at Fed Ex Field. Many Patriots and Coach Bill Belichick commented on it. Many Pats fans snapped up tickets that the home fans sold. When your team is winless, you tend not to fight the traffic. :)

Short week as the Patriots host the Giants this Thursday.

The Bills won, the Jets lost, and Miami was on their bye week.


NE 5-0
BUFF 4-1
Miami (0-4) (Bye)
NYJ (0-4)

Two unbeaten teams left, the Patriots and 49ers after the Chiefs lost last night. The 49ers play tonight so we'll see if they continue that streak.

EDIT: The 49ers won.

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