bradygirl_12 (bradygirl_12) wrote,

Naked Bruce And Spangled Dick ;)

We all know that Golden and Silver Age Batman & Robin had some wonderfully slashy scenes, making one wonder, "The writers really aren't innocent in what they're doing, right?" This set of scans from scans_daily from the Bronze Age shows us naked Bruce, a delicious Dick clad in Robin costume which shows off the best butt in the DCU to amazing effect, and wrestling/fighting! So if you aren't on scans_daily but enjoy subtext that just shouts off the page: here goes!

BTW, the comments are priceless, too! ;)

EDIT: *sigh* Now that I got everyone excited I got a notice from wachey that she wasn't authorized to view it. It's f-locked, folks! So you can join and look but otherwise are out of luck. Darned LJ! ;)
Tags: batman & robin, batman/robin, bronze age, bruce wayne, bruce wayne/dick grayson, dick grayson, scans_daily
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