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This weekend is the 50th anniversary of Woodstock. Groovy, man! :)

I've watched the classic 1970 documentary and a recent one on PBS's American Experience. Both programs stressed the lack of violence. Why not? Just about everybody was stoned most of the time! ;)

But I dig how there were comments about feeling there were other people out there like them. I felt that way when I attended my first Media*West Con. These were my people! They understood what I was talking about, my fannish jewelry, everything! :)

Woodstock sure was the high-water mark for the counterculture. The Summer of Love had been cool two years ago, and now there were three days of peace and music, and great music it was! Janis Joplin, The Who, Country Joe and the Fish, Joan Baez, Richie Havens, Jimi Hendrix...dozens more!

The counterculture kind of fizzled out in the '70s except for the die-hards. After the draft for Vietnam was over, the big protests stopped. Commune life, which had been a thing for almost a decade, fizzled, too. People got tired of doing the same old chores without any rotation for variety while others were smoking pot and just chillin'.

You know when you're in a group project at school or work? Everyone gets the same grade or a bonus. Those who really want that grade/bonus do all the work while others coast. Even hippies get tired of that.

There's still a counterculture out there, but nowhere near the numbers of the '60s/'70s. And every time they try to recreate Woodstock, they can't. Sure, they had to plan things to hold the event, but more than 400,000 people showing up? And the experiences they had? It was organic. It was a happening, man! :)

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