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(Preseason) Week 1: New England Patriots 31, Detroit Lions 3 (1-0) (Thursday, August 8, 2019)

(Preseason) Week 1: New England Patriots 31, Detroit Lions 3 (1-0) (Thursday, August 8, 2019)

Football is back, baby! :)

It's just preseason, but it's better to execute plays than not to execute, I say. :)

Few starters played, so it was the Pats' back-ups versus the Lions' back-ups, and ours looked like they knew what they were doing and the Lions looked clueless. The defense looked sharp and the offense crisp. Our kicker missed an easy field goal, so there's that.

Back-up quarterback Brian Hoyer looked the best he ever had in a Patriots uniform, going 12-for-14, and rookie Jarrett Stidham didn't look bad. Managed to throw for a TD and moved the offense pretty well.

Joint practices went well with the Lions last week. Aaron Rodgers of Green Bay doesn't like joint practices, but Brady and Belichick get a lot out of them, and will practice with the Tennessee Titans this week before their Saturday game.

Of course, next week they may look inept. So goes preseason! ;)

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