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How Green Is My Gotham? (The Batman) (December 8, 2007)

The Batman (Episode 7) (December 8, 2007) LSH was a repeat. 

Poor Dick!  He gets picked up from school by Alfred in the limousine, cutting into some hoops time with his friends.  There is this big charity ball that he and Bruce are hosting at the Manor…


He’s all mopey until he learns that Green Lantern is visiting!  J


Dick fanboys Green Lantern, who is consulting with Bruce over the escape of Sinestro.  He leaves the Batcave and goes to Gotham Airport.  Dick is thrilled to learn that he is a test pilot, an absolutely cool secret identity, especially when he’s facing a charity ball!  ;)


But Sinestro manages to kayo Hal, whose ring is on low power.  He manages to command it to go to Batman, and that’s when the fun begins.


Who is on his way to rob Wayne Manor?  Why, the Penguin, of course!  And who snatches the ring out of the air and successfully robs the ball.


Batman and Robin spring into action, and things get all jumbled as Sinestro shows up and the Penguin gives the ring to Batman, who has already taken a beating but popped up like the Energizer Bunny.  J  Hal is impressed by how tough he is, and even though Dick says, “Tell me about it,” he’s a proud Robin.  J


Batman can’t utilize the ring very well as the power is extremely weak by now.  A pity, because I would have loved to have seen what Bruce could do with it.  Anyway, Hal gets the ring, thrown to him by Bruce, recharges, and takes care of Sinestro.  He’s very impressed by Batman’s willpower, comparing it to his own.


I liked this episode a lot.  We get to see Dick getting a little bored with his role as Wayne  heir but he is able to be proud of Batman by the end, and Green Lantern is a great guest star.  The Penguin is good for laughs, and Sinestro is a suitably evil villain.


Hmm, looks like Hawkman is the last of the JLA who will make a guest appearance.


What, no women in this JLA?  At least Wonder Woman should be part of it!  Probably some dumb Warner Brothers thing that prevents it as she and Bruce aren’t allowed to be part of Smallville, either.      


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