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Fic: Beautiful Young Man (1/4)

Title: Beautiful Young Man (1/4)
Author: BradyGirl
Pairings/Characters: Dick, Clark/Bruce, Clark/Dick/Bruce (eventually)
Genre: Drama
Rating: (this chapter): PG-13
Warnings: None
Spoilers: None
General Summary: The World’s Finest fit together…in everything.
Summary: Dick doesn’t feel as happy as he should as his eighteenth birthday approaches.
Date Of Completion: November 20, 2007
Date Of Posting: December 8, 2007
Disclaimer: I don’t own ‘em, DC does, more’s the pity.
Word Count: 999
Feedback welcome and appreciated.
Author’s Note: silvertales requested "How about schmoopy Clark/Bruce watching/waiting/lusting to introduce Dick to the wonders of smex, and both of them torturing him with pleasure. :) A Bruce-Dick-Clark sandwich. :)" from my DCU GSB Fic Request Meme. All chapters can be found here.
Sorry this took so long, Silver, but for some reason, my Muses were quite stubborn about this! But here it is. I hope it was worth the wait! :) 





Dick was depressed. 


Which was stupid, of course, because he was a week away from his 18th birthday.  He should be performing cartwheels…literally…at the prospect.


What depressed him was possibility.


Or lack of it.


Because, now, the possibility could be shattered.


Dick sighed as he put on his Robin costume.


Footsteps sounded on the stone steps.  Bruce.  Dick put on his mask and stretched his legs.


Not that showing off his legs would do any good.


“Be right with you.”


Dick nodded, trying to distract himself from his gloomy thoughts by running over the night’s patrol route.


Bruce emerged from the changing room in full Bat regalia, Dick’s heart pounding.








He mentally kicked himself.  He was an utter perv, that was all there was to it!  He lusted after his mentor, and had been doing so for two years.


If that wasn’t bad enough, he lusted after his other mentor, too!


“Let’s roll.”


Dick followed Bruce to the Batmobile, sliding into the passenger seat, Bruce right beside him.


Very close beside him.


Dick decided that he’d better start concentrating on patrol, otherwise disaster could ensue.


The Batmobile roared off into the night.


& & & & & &


Despite his depression, Dick was feeling uplifted by the act of patrol.  The cold night air invigorated him, and the stars shone brightly overhead.


As he leaped over the rooftops with Bruce, he saw one of the stars move.


Smiling, Dick exclaimed, “Superman!” as Clark floated to the roof.


“Hello, Robin.” Clark’s smile lit up the night, as always. “Hello, Batman.”


Bruce pretended a stony exterior.  Clark and Dick exchanged grins. 


“What are you doing in Gotham, Superman?”


“Here to do…this!”


Clark grabbed Bruce and kissed him thoroughly, Dick laughing.  Despite the pang he felt, he could still appreciate two gorgeous men kissing.


And he was happy for Bruce, who had suffered so much pain in his life.  Clark had done wonders for him.  Clark was a bright, happy person and gave that light to Bruce.


When they broke apart, Bruce was smiling at Clark.




“Is that all?” Bruce asked.


“I’ll show you more later.” Clark winked.


Dick kept the smile on his face, wondering what his mentors would think about his fantasies and how they were fueled by scenes like this one. 


“So, is it okay if I patrol with you?” Clark asked.


“Absolutely!” Dick blurted out, nearly kicking himself.  He sounded like a hero-worshipping little kid!


Well, I could easily worship Clark.  The man’s got the body of a god.


Dick sighed.


“We’re heading for the Tenderloin District,” Dick said as he shot off a grapple and flipped his cape back.  He leaped off into the night.


& & & & & &


Despite his heartache, Dick enjoyed being part of the World’s Finest team.  When the three of them were together, special things happened.


They broke up a gang fight with ease, Dick and Bruce in perfect sync as Batman and Robin.  Superman flew down and affected boredom as bullets bounced off his chest.


“What the fuck?  What’s Superman doing here?” yelled one of the gang leaders.


“Cleaning up scum like you,” Robin said as he slammed into the man feet-first.


The gang leader cursed, pulling out a handgun and aiming at Dick, who disarmed him with a kick, slamming him face-first into the ground.


In short order, Batman and Robin had both gangs trussed up, and Superman delivered them to police headquarters.


Dick grinned as Clark returned.


“A good job all around,” said the Kryptonian with a smile.


“We do good work together,” Dick said. “Like a well-oiled machine after all these years.”


“I agree,” said Bruce, taking out his grapple line.


Clark turned his head, suddenly narrowing his eyes slightly. “Looks like trouble on the docks.”


Dick went immediately to Clark’s side, prepared for flight.  Even Bruce smiled at this characteristic eagerness.


“All right, flight, instead of the Batmobile.”


Bruce went into the curve of Clark’s arm.  The other arm tightened around Dick, and the familiar sensation of take-off thrilled the youngest member of the World’s Finest.  Superman was the safest ride in town.


Dick blushed at that last thought.  Luckily neither of his partners noticed.


Clark settled them on a rooftop overlooking the docks.  A gang of a dozen black-clad men were systemically robbing a freighter.


A few words were exchanged among the World’s Finest, then they swung into action, Batman and Robin using their decel lines and Superman flying.


“Ack!  It’s Superman!”


“No, it’s Batman and Robin!”


“Argh, it’s all three of them!”


Robin laughed with the joy of it.  He and Batman disarmed and punched several robbers while Clark tapped two of them to send them flying after melting their guns to slag.


“Whoa, watch it, big fella!” Dick laughed as a large robber tried to pile drive a punch into him.  He danced away and then landed a punch in the crook’s solar plexus.  Cursing, the man doubled over and tried to grab Robin, who easily avoided him.  Another crook roared his frustration and aimed a fist at Robin’s head.  Robin ducked and kicked out, sending his attacker flying.


He performed the same maneuvers with two more men, and then it was over, just like so many other times.  He dusted his gloves off and grinned at Superman and Batman, who smiled back at him.


Whenever he got the Bat to smile, he was doing well.


“Take these miscreants to Commissioner Gordon, Superman,” he said loftily.


“Of course, young sir,” Superman said as he bowed.


Dick felt a little better.  He might never have Clark or Bruce’s romantic love, but he had their respect.


When Clark was finished delivering the latest crooks to the commissioner, he flew his friends back to the Batmobile.


“See you soon, Bruce?” he asked when patrol was finished.


“Just tap on my bedroom window,” Bruce said, and Dick watched as they kissed.


He kept his smile bright while his heart ached.


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