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Fic Tally (May 2019)

May was a very productive month! :)

DC Comics stories were:

Spring has sprung in Heartland X: Planting The Seed ;) for Clark/Bruce! :)

This story can also be read on AO3.

The World’s Finest is showcased as they discuss Duality

This story can also be read on AO3

Steve and Diana, Stars, and Sea ;) : By-The-Sea XX: Stars And Sea ;)

This story can also be read on AO3.

Public Enemies stories were:

The Rules Of Chocolate ;) find Mel and Johnny enjoying many ways to enjoy them! ;) Final entry in the 12_stories Mel/Johnny Challenge.

This story can also be read on AO3.

Marvel Comics stories were:

A Steve/Bucky fix-it for Endgame: History Found.

his story can also be read on AO3.

Natasha is disturbed by a recurring nightmare in the Natasha/Pepper story, The Sisterhood Of The Ruby Stilettos XVII: Overgrown Eggplant ;).

This story can also be read on AO3.

Quick 12_stories Challenge update:

Stories posted this month: 1

Numbers so far since I started the table in 2011:

Mel/Johnny: 12 of 12

Total: 12 of 12


Total number of all fics in May: 6

Total number of all fics in 2019: 15

May Word Count: 7,673

Total 2019 Word Count: 27,811
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