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(Reviews) Supergirl 4x19; Legends Of Tomorrow 4x13; Arrow 7x20; The Flash 5x20

Supergirl 4x19; Legends Of Tomorrow 4x13; Arrow 7x20; The Flash 5x20

Supergirl 4x19

I like Kara making like Lois Lane and Nia making like Supergirl.

Glad James got past that horrible memory.

So Lockwood and his goons are going full stormtrooper, and his son is questioning things.

Legends Of Tomorrow 4x13

Nate and Zari go on a 1930s date; Sara reads a book for Ava; Charlie and Mick try and bamboozle a romance writers' convention, and Ray's possessed! Now Gary's in trouble, too! At least Nora's awake. I did like the focus on the Ray/Nate friendship and Ray's sacrifice to save Nate.

Arrow 7x20

Ah, a murder mystery. Glad Dinah was in on everything.

Poor Roy, now he has the Lazarus Pit bloodlust!

The Flash 5x20

Nora as villain!

She trusted her criminal cohorts?

Ha, ha, nice Caitlin/Ralph moment typically Dibnyed. Wonder if he ever finds Sue, or did DC just mess that up too badly in the comics?

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