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Week 13: New England Patriots 27, Baltimore Ravens 24 (12-0) (December 3, 2007)

Week 13: New England Patriots 27, Baltimore Ravens 24 (12-0) (December 3, 2007)

So, the wild ride continues! :)

The Patriots are still unbeaten! Four more regular-season games to go, and three more in the postseason if they survive each round.

The Pats managed to pull out a close one last night, which is more reminiscent of their three other Super Bowl seasons rather than this Season Of The Blow-Out. There may be another blow-out on the schedule (Mangini and the Jets are coming to Foxboro on December 16th, and it was Mangini who ratted out Belichick, his former mentor), but with the Pats, they win ‘em easy and they win ‘em hard. :)

The run defense was troubling last night, but the defense came up with big plays when they needed to in the fourth quarter. Tom did his usual thing: less than two minutes left and he drove his team down for the winning score.

The Ravens shot themselves in the foot as they showed undiscipline in the final minutes. Screaming at referees and throwing the ref’s yellow flag into the stands is not only stupid and will cost you money, but it cost your team 30 yards in the last seconds, pretty much costing a chance to come back in those final seconds.

The Patriots are a tired team. They’ve been playing night games for three straight weeks, meaning coming back to Boston in the wee hours of the morning, disrupting usual practice schedules, etc. They need to rest up, because the game with the Steelers next week won’t be easy.

Yet, they have the next three games at home, and the final one at New York against the Giants. Will they go unbeaten? Hard to say, and it would be a disappointment if they didn’t after all this time, but our focus is on the ultimate prize, the Lombardi Trophy. A perfect season would just be icing on the cake! :)
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