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(Reviews) Supergirl 4x18; Legends Of Tomorrow 4x12; Arrow 7x19; The Flash 5x19

Supergirl 4x18; Legends Of Tomorrow 4x12; Arrow 7x19; The Flash 5x19

Supergirl 4x18

Love Lena and Supergirl working together. Clever use of Kara in the prison, and looks like we'll be seeing more of her.

Steven's an interesting character.

What's up with James?

Colonel Haley coming through?

Shades of Smallville Lex in Lena's memory.

The Prez's aide didn't seem happy about deputizing the Children Of Liberty. Potential mole?

Legends Of Tomorrow 4x12

Ava in Purgatory! Sara to the rescue!

I do like them exploring their relationship. Can they make it work? Ava dolls! Gary's so cute.

Ray/Nate bromance! Glad to see it. Too often once a het romance comes into the picture, same-sex friendships are shunted aside.

Dez is safe! But Ray? Neron possessed him!

Arrow 7x19

John kidnapped!

Ninth Circle chaos!

The Flash 5x19

Nora, you're playing with fire. STAY AWAY FROM THAWNE!!!

Snow family dynamics. Thomas back! But not for long, saving Caitlin.

Shooting the messenger, (Sherloque), I see.

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