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(Reviews) Legends Of Tomorrow 4x11; Arrow 7x18; The Flash 5x18

Legends Of Tomorrow 4x11; Arrow 7x18; The Flash 5x18

Legends Of Tomorrow 4x11

Hank's funeral, Ray helping Nora, and an Indian love god messing up 1802 Regency England. Jane Austen, write your romances!

Marriage, Zari? Boy, when you go all in, you really go all in!

Hey World? Wow, Hank was as nutty as the Legends.

Arrow 7x18

Laurel back to being Black Siren? Regrettable that her redemptive path is sidetracked, but she was a murderer. That's a lot of red in her ledger..

Can't blame Dinah for believing Laurel's reverted to type.

White Canary returns! Worried about her sister's rep.

Felicity won't give up on Laurel.

I liked the scene between Sara and Laurel at Quentin's gravesite.

So Laurel gets a happy ending.  Nice farewell scene at Quentin's grave with the Lance girls.

And I like Laurel's apparent redemption and the concept of the Canaries carried over to the future.

The Flash 5x18

I knew Nora's bestie Leah wasn't long for this world. *smh*

Man, Nora is such a screw-up.

Can't blame Barry for banishing Nora. Nora's a liar and can't be trusted.

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