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(Reviews) Legends Of Tomorrow 4x10

Legends Of Tomorrow 4x10

Legends Of Tomorrow 4x10

1973 shenanigans! RV road trip. Zari the deejay is very cool.

Whoops on the truth-telling bug!

Nice Hank/Nate bonding. The Lone Ranger and ice cream! :)

Bombastic ending, but Hank isn't dead. Nobody stays dead in comics.

Poor Nora on the run, mistaken for Hank's killer. Wonder if this will drive a wedge between best buds Nate and Ray?

Ha, Nixon didn't fare well in this blast from the past.

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Tags: hank heywood, legends of tomorrow, nate heywood, nora darhk, ray palmer, review, steel, the atom, tv, zari tomaz
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