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(Review) Aquaman (I)

A friend and I went to see Aquaman as it finally got to the discount theater. We'd heard good tings about it, and it didn't disappoint. It was a thoroughly enjoyable two hours! I give it a solid B+ bumped up to A- for the visuals and Jason Momoa's performance.

The story stuck to the basics of Aquaman's origin: a lighthouse keeper (Tom Curry) rescues a wounded woman who washes up on the rocks during a storm. They fall in love and have a child, Arthur. Turns out she's from the Kingdom of Atlantis and is royalty.

Atlanna returns to Atlantis to protect her family and is forced to marry the King, producing a son, Orm, who years later devises a plan to go to war with the surface world.

Great family scenes at the lighthouse before Atlanna had to leave, and a wonderful scene at the New England Aquarium in which bullies tormenting Arthur (looks around eight or so) get a shock as a shark pounds the glass. It's an amazing scene as young Arthur discovers his ability to speak to fish. :)

We fast forward to the present day and Mera contacts Arthur to take the throne of Atlantis and stop the war that Orm is planning. Throughout the film, Arthur is reluctant as he doesn't consider himself worthy of kingship. He's known as the Half-Breed among the people of Atlantis. Frankly, I haven't heard the word so often since the last time I watched a cowboys-and-Indians picture or Star Trek's "What Are Little Girls Made Of?".

Earlier before Mera had contacted Arthur, he had saved a ship from pirates. He could have saved the father of one of the pirates, but left as he said the man had taken innocent lives. The son tried to save his father but couldn't, so blamed Arthur and vows to kill him. Arthur could have saved the pirate, but chose to save the innocent crewmen as the ship sank.

Amazing how criminals murder innocents, then blame others for the deaths of loved ones, especially since if the pirates hadn't killed to begin with, the father would've been alive. Criminals never take responsibility.

Arthur's personality is reminiscent of Thor or a real-life Gronk (NFL). He likes to party hearty and has no interest in becoming a king, but goes with Mera to stop the war after she saves his father.

Some of the best scenes involve Mera becoming acquainted with the surface world as the Quest for the mythical Trident of the legendary King of Atlantis takes her and Arthur to Sicily. The scenery is gorgeous, and the entire film is filled with beautiful visuals. Atlantis is stunning.

The loyal Vizier who teaches young Arthur to fight with his mother's trident reminds me of the scenes in Wonder Woman when she learns how to fight with her beloved mentor. Atlantis does resemble Themyscira and Asgard. Honor is big, and the ways of the warrior are important.

I was impressed with the resolution of the conflict between Arthur and Orm. Orm might scheme again in future films, but for now there's a truce. Arthur does take over as King, having defeated Orm in battle, and it should be interesting if there are future films to see how he rules and how Orm fits into all this.

BTW, the scene in which Arthur removes the Trident from the stone is, or course, appropriate: King Arthur getting his Excalibur! :)

I'd say my only complaint is there were a few too many fight scenes, but none of them were the endless slog in Man Of Steel.

Do you know how much it hurts me to have to write those words? Any movie involving Superman or Batman should be fantastic. Instead we got Man Of Steel and Justice League. Ugh!

Also, every fight started with a big explosion! It got to be pretty funny after awhile. :)

I did get a little misty-eyed by the reunion of Tom and Atlanna. Every day for twenty years Tom had gone to the end of the dock, hoping that his wife would return. When she did, it was a great scene. :)

So I highly recommend this film if you're looking for two hours of fun and lush visuals. :)  

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