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(reviews) Supergirl 4x17; Legends Of Tomorrow 4x9

Supergirl 4x17; Legends Of Tomorrow 4x9

The Legends are back! :)

Supergirl 4x17

Good episode.

Enjoyed J'onn's talk with his father. Some levity in a serious episode.

Love the trio of Kara, Alex and Lena!

Okay, I love Kara bringing doughnuts to the DEO as a peace offering. :)

James has secrets!

Sometimes Lena enjoys being a Luthor. Loved her smile as she had Lillian dangling. >:)

Why didn't Kara just appear over the White House and put out the fire, declaring an imposter set it?

Loved Kara's relief when Alex and Lena said they believed her. And Colonel Haley will be a factor in the future, I bet, as she believes Supergirl, too.

Arrow 7x17

Legends Of Tomorrow 4x9

Love Ava and Sara's tango and Sara bearing Snickerdoodles, but all for naught. Rift!

Mona's too emotionally involved. And it all ended up a disaster. What is up with her?!

Liked the wrestling stuff, but overall, not a strong episode after a long hiatus.

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