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(Reviews) Supergirl 4x16; Arrow 7x17

Supergirl 4x16; Arrow 7x17

"The House Of L" should be "The Brainwashing Of Supergirl".

Clever to use the clone's memory of Alex to connect her to Lex.

Ah, so the Kasnian Supergirl takes note of Alex. And doesn't find America all that bad.

And Red Kara loves chocolate! Chocos, huh? Future bonding with J'onn? Plot point?

I liked that view of Kara's fridge, especially the grapes! Red Kara was amazed at how much food she had. Good that the show continues to emphasize that Kara actually eats instead of nibbling on salad like most women are supposed to do. Nice way to underscore the difference between America and Kasnia, too.

Hey, a Linda Lee mention (Supergirl's secret identity before she was adopted by the Danvers)!

Child murder isn't beyond this Lex. I figured he'd stashed the kid for future leverage, though, and yet it was Otis who saved the kid. I guess even Otis has a line he can't cross.

Interesting how someone knows comics history: in the Silver and Bronze Ages, Lex had a sister, Lena, who didn't know her connection to Lex. She went by the name of Lena Thorul, and Lex actually did care about her. He didn't want his notoriety to harm her.

After COIE killed off Linda Danvers, the original Supergirl, Lex came up with a matrix-like Supergirl that he controlled.

Arrow 7x17

Emiko the Fake!

Laurel done as D.A.?

Don't trust Felicity's hacking bestie.

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