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(Reviews) Supergirl 4x15; Arrow 7x16; Black Lightning 2x16; The Flash 5x17

Supergirl 4x15; Arrow 7x16; Black Lightning 2x16; The Flash 5x17

Supergirl 4x15

James really in danger. Did Lex have him shot?

Lex really cares about Lena, just like in the comics. They share a connection.

Big J'onn/Manchester fight! Is Manchester truly dead?

Explosive Brainy/Nia kiss! :)

Knew it! Lex had James shot.

Eve a traitor!

How refreshing to get away from Children Of Liberty hate for the good, old-fashioned Lex kind.

And Russian Supergirl as Lex's puppet?

Jon Cryer a bit jarring. Two And A Half Men! 'Nuff said.

Arrow 7x16

Not sure why we're supposed to care about Star City in 2040 when next year's Crisis will wipe everything out.

I see that Mia is as annoying as her mother.

Rene was a dupe, now he's smartening up.

"With great power comes great responsibility." Shout-out to Spider-Man!

Like the party costumes.

Black Lightning 2x16

Jen is so stupid. *smh*

A Batman reference!

Exciting fight scenes!

Jen had the right idea about Tobias. But the Pit will do for now.

Nice family scene at the end

Agent Odell spoils the party.

What a season finale!

The Flash 5x17

Wow, Nora pays big time!


Hey, Legends Of Tomorrow returns on April 1st! Very appropriate. ;)

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