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(Reviews) Supergirl 4x14; Arrow 7x15; Black Lightning 2x15; The Flash 5x16

Supergirl 4x14; Arrow 7x15; Black Lightning 2x15; The Flash 5x16

Supergirl 4x14

Alex guarding Ben Lockwood? Yikes!

Nia is a hoot, wearing her costume all the time. :)

Alex bringing Chinese to Kara. Love their noshing scenes! :)

Manchester dead?  Nah! And Hat would be a lot more fun if he wasn't so murderous.

Brainy taking the Hat with style!

Oh, no, James! Who shot you?

Lex next week! Tough to follow Michael Rosenbaum.

Arrow 7x15

Team Arrow is pretty arrogant. Inferior tech? Sorry, Felicity. the SCPD can't spend millions like Oliver can. Cops love to be told they're doing things wrong, Ollie.

Rene's pep talk to Dinah was outstanding. And is this the end of her Canary Cry?

John's a smart guy. Nice to see him convince Team Arrow to compromise. Yay, cooperation!

Black Lightning 2x15

Ugh, hate the Pierces being spied on.

Loved Jeff's memories of Jen. Cute kid! :)

I really like Jen's pink bedroom. It's an oasis in a crazy world.

Freeland on fire by Tobias' toady.

Geez, sometimes Jen isn't too smart.

The Flash 5x16

Love the Joe/Cecile interactions. They're such a cute couple!

The timeline is changing. Will Sherloque figure out what Nora's up to?

Joe gives Barry good pep talks!

Strange ending, though not surprising to guess who the new Cicada is.

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