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Did You Know...?

Have you ever noticed that whenever someone proposes an alternate theory to the official conclusion as promulgated by the Warren Commission on John F. Kennedy's death (Lee Harvey Oswald did it by himself), the mainstream media goes into action labeling them 'kooks', 'nuts', and 'charlatans'?

When Oliver Stone made the movie JFK, he was viciously attacked even before the movie premiered. Any time CBS or the New York Times or Life Magazine (or any mainstream media) ever did a story on the assassination, they never entertained the possibility of a conspiracy.

Dan Rather, a fledgling reporter from WFAA-TV in Dallas on November 22, 1963, saw the Zapruder film soon after (the American public were denied that right until 1975 as the film was bought from Abraham Zapruder by Time-Life and locked away in their vaults) and declared that the President's head went violently forward (indicating the headshot came from the back) but as anyone watching the film from 1975 on can see, the movement was backward. Rather's career took off soon after, ultimately reaching a $6,000,000 paycheck as CBS Evening News anchorman. When asked why he had described the movement as forward, he said, "I must have blinked."

The famous muckraking reporters of the 19th century and first half of the 20th century are long gone. Clark Kent and Lois Lane would be ashamed. The biggest story of the 29th century was never really investigated by the American press. Why? View Operation Mockingbird (not Marvel's Bobbi Morse), about the CIA infiltration of American journalism:

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