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Writing Rambles

Well, it was a productive morning! Once I was able to get the boring work-related stuff out of the way, ha, I managed to do those edits on my profic. The change from Detective-to-Officer was easy, as I only needed to make that correction in one chapter. I had originally thought of my policeman character as a detective, so when I made the switch I forgot about the references in an earlier chapter. Fixed!

Also, I decided to keep my forgotten clue in and worked that into the narrative. I may do a little more tweaking on that, but I'm essentially finished, unless I think of something major to add/delete/change. I don't think so, as if this manuscript is ever bought by a professional publisher, they'll be having me do a zillion edits, anyway. And now I'm ready to move on to the next novel.

I did manage a little fanfic work, though that's third on the list.

I think I'm going to pass on Captain Marvel. I was never a fan of the character and I'd rather save my money for the next Avengers movie. :)

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