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(Reviews) Supergirl 4x13; Arrow 7x14; Black Lightning 2x14; The Flash 5x15

Supergirl 4x13; Arrow 7x14; Black Lightning 2x14; The Flash 5x15

Supergirl 4x13

Will Nia survive Brainy training?

The President is a sleazeball.

What is this, the Fish 'N' Chips Summit between Kara and Manchester?

Nice to see Alex connecting with Supergirl and Lena.

Ben Lockwood is being manipulated, big time

Haley is disturbed by the President's duplicity.  Future ally?.

Arrow 7x14

Laurel kinda likes this D.A. thing. And giving Felicity pep talks!

Not thrilled with Lyla and John working with Diaz. Ah, but Diaz was burned to death. Karma!

Black Lightning 2x14

What a creepy episode, though the scenes about Jen's suit were good.

Spying on the Pierces!

The Flash 5x15

Will Shea (King Shark) stay human? Will Tanya turn him back?

Gorilla Grodd is formidable.

Oh, no, Shea is sacrificing a cure. :(
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