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Old Inspires New

Well, looks like my plan of working on old fic still in my notebooks is nudging my Muses a bit. I've been able to finally get some older stuff ready for posting, and it's inspired doing a little new fic. I've got a Supergirl fic that's new and shiny and only temporarily on the back burner, as I expect I'll be transferring it to a front burner pretty soon. And got some new Public Enemies fic going! :)

It never pays to get all worried about writer's block. Sure, if it lasts forever, worry, but if it's only for a few weeks or even a few months, meh. Your Muses are just resting, trust me.

I've been doing a lot of reading and YouTube vegging, so I think that's helping me get things started again. We'll see.

I'm close to finishing the final edit on my profic and am busy letting ideas for a second novel simmer. I'm really excited! :)

So, how about you? Anything in the pipeline? Are you taking a little break? Are old fandoms inspiring new works? Share! :)

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Tags: fanfic, profic, public enemies, rl, supergirl, writer's block, writing
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