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Writing Rambles

I've been pretty excited the past week or so as I'm on the final edit of my professional manuscript. Whoo hoo! I was doing a final edit to catch typos and grammar mistakes and to add more details in, since this novel takes place in the past. I wasn't satisfied with the environment I'd created, so I figured a run-through would be a good thing.

It was! I caught a clue I'd dropped into the story but didn't do anything with, so now I have to decide if it fits into the narrative or just delete it. And my policeman character was mentioned as a detective in an early chapter but a patrolman in later chapters. Which one do I keep? I'm leaning toward patrolman so that he could do something dashing in a future novel to earn his promotion. Oh, did I mention this first novel is the first of a planned series? Maybe I'll never get it published, but I have ideas! :)

My fanfic writing has hit the valley in the peaks-and-valley landscape, so I decided to peruse my notebooks and dig out some old stories that for various reasons hadn't been posted. I will be presenting an oldie-but-goodie like Public Enemies, more stories from Battlestar: Galactica: TOS, and I'm finally polishing a draft I wrote soon after watching The Alienist last year. So there's all that, and a few short pieces that are new.

Mostly in the evenings I've been reading or watching YouTube videos. Periodically I like to delve into the JFK assassination and discover if anything new has been added, or if old info is presented in a new way. I'll probably be making some posts on that. We're living in the aftermath of a blatant coup d'etat that was carried out on November 22, 1963, and it isn't pretty, folks.

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