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(Reviews) Arrow 7x13; Black Lightning 2x13; The Flash 5x14

Arrow 7x13; Black Lightning 2x13; The Flash 5x14

Arrow 7x13

Serial killer?

Curtis, run away from Star City as fast as you can.

Haunted house!

Dinah's throat cut! No more Canary Cry?

Yay, Curtis making the right decision. Get out while you still can!

William is a smart kid. Get out like Curtis!

Sheesh, more kids popping up!

Black Lightning 2x13

Liked Jen's test in the bubble.

This episode was kind of meh.

The Flash 5x14

Time travel shenanigans, Nora!

Cisco's dates are a disaster.

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Tags: arrow, black canary, black lightning, cisco ramon, curtis holt, dinah drake, jennifer pierce, lightning, mr. terrific, nora west-allen, review, the flash, tv, vibe, xs
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