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Happy Valentine's Day!!! :)

Hi, luvs!

Happy Valentine's Day to all who celebrate! :)

I know people complain that this is a manufactured holiday to benefit corporations, but what holiday isn't a benefit to Big Business these days? I laugh when the Christian fundies wail that they'll be banning Christmas someday. Are you kidding? Business, big and small, would never allow it! That's when most of businesses make their profits for the year. So, no, just chill.

Modern capitalism means corporations get to fill their pockets. I refuse to let the joy of holidays go by because every holiday is consumerist. I celebrate the holidays like this one and take joy out of it.

Besides, it's good to have a day when we're reminded to say, "I love you." With busy modern life, we often forget. Sometimes it's nice just to say it or show it in a special way.

Enjoy your day, my friends! :)

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