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(Reviews) Supergirl 4x11; Arrow 7x11; Black Lightning 2x11; The Flash 5x1

Supergirl 4x11

Alex is off-kilter because of the mindwipe.

Nia's sister Maeve could be trouble. :(

Brainy is always fun. :)

Parthas is a beautiful place. Pity it was attacked.

Alex sure reamed Supergirl out.  Just like Maeve despises Nia.

Wow, James covers for Lena.

Arrow 7x11

Laurel's father was killed by a drunk on Earth-2? Sad.

Curtis! Whew, Diaz was just imagining all this. I'd hate to see Diaz success in killing anyone else, especially Curtis!

Black Lightning 2x11

Poor Khalil is suffering so much.

Whoa, Jen, that was some lightning bolt!

Deputy Chief Henderson is so cute! I love his reaction to the 'Batcave' and going all in. :)

Khalil's gone. :(

I'd say his body just couldn't take any more. Tobias Whale destroyed this kid, from making him his flunky to ripping out his spine, not to mention the psychological damage..

The Flash 5x12

Memories can be dangerous!

Ciscodickery! Doesn't Team Flash get tired of looking down their noses at Ralph?

Sherlocque is figuring things out about Nora.

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