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It's Super Bowl Week!!! :)

Hi, luvs! It's Super Bowl Week!!! :)

Things kicked off yesterday as 35,000 fans went to Gillette Stadium for the Pats' send-off rally. Everyone had a lot of fun and the program was a good one.

Tom was movie star-pretty and gave an inspiring little speech. Other players also spoke: David Andrews, Patrick Chung, Matt Slater, and Devin McCourty. The program started with Robert Kraft and Bill Belichick and ended with Tom, so the fans got their money's worth.

There are kids in New England who think going to the Super Bowl is what you do! :) The franchise has gone to 11 Super Bowls, 9 under Brady/Belichick. Their record is 5-5, 5-3 under B/BB. The record will be updated next Sunday, hopefully with a win! :)

I'm enjoying every second of this run, because we'll never see the like again. We're watching greatness.

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Tags: football, gillette stadium, new england patriots, tom brady
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