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(Reviews) Supergirl 4x10; Arrow 7x10; Black Lightning 2x10; The Flash 5x11

Supergirl 4x10; Arrow 7x10; Black Lightning 2x10; The Flash 5x11

Supergirl 4x10

Okay, I officially hate this. Alex forgetting that Kara is Supergirl? Hell, no! Does that mean she'll never get those memories back? This season is bummer after bummer. >:(

I love J'onn's .P.I. office! It looks solid and welcoming, like J'onn himself.

Oh, that Brainy/Nia 'date' was something! :)

Haley is unbelievable.

Arrow 7x10

Another family for Robert Queen? Yeesh!

Black Lightning 2x10

Jen and Khalil come back home.

Omigod! Poor Khalil! That's just what Tobias Whale would do. Sadistic violence is his thing, and poor Khalil pays the price.

SWAT all dead. Tobias' assassin is deadly, all right.

The Flash 5x11

Ouch! Nora was certainly hurt badly.

Loved Ralph's super-heroics in this episode. :)

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