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Hi, luvs!

We are battening the hatches down here. Not only are we getting 8-12 inches of snow, but rain and sleet as well. Starts tonight. I have my flashlight batteries and battery-powered radio just in case!

Wow, if the Patriots were playing at home tomorrow, the fans would have had it rough! Guess Kansas City isn't supposed to be as crazy.

One of the Christmas stories I've been working on was kind of meandering. I knew what I wanted to say but it was kind of dragging along and not quite crisp, y'know? Anyway, I had a new idea yesterday and now it's all being pulled together. Dontcha just love that when it happens? :)

Stay cozy, and keep reading and writing! :)

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Tags: christmas, fanfic, holiday, rl, snow, winter, writing
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