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(Reviews) Timeless Finale; The Flash 5x10

Finally got to see the Timeless finale! :)

Timeless Finale

Timeless had a good wrap-up. A little too neat (the centuries-old Rittenhouse taken down that easily?), but it was understandable as this is the last episode ever, and they did leave a few intriguing threads dangling, such as what Jiya experienced in the past.

Jessica was certainly dispatched quickly! Good. And Flynn was the one to do it. Lots of time conundrums with his story.

Good Korean War scenes during the Chosin Retreat. The cold was a killer. I always like to see that war acknowledged, as it's often ignored. How many times do people skip right from World War II to Vietnam? Aggravating! And Korea is much more relevant today than Vietnam. It's still divided and still a hotspot after decades.

I did enjoy seeing Wyatt in a combat situation. And he also delivered a baby! :)

The Korean mother's belief that she'd see her family in a few days was sad as we knew she would be separated from them for decades until history changed.

And I get Lucy's reasoning about not trying to get Amy back, but if I was Amy floating around somewhere I'd say, "Thanks a lot, Sis!" Lucy naming her kid Amy (and her other kid Flynn) just doesn't cut it! Though Wyatt obviously approved of the Flynn naming as he considered Garcia a hero after all.

Not a bad wrap-up. Glad they got the chance.

The Flash 5x10

A good episode to ease on back into the show, though I was surprised that the CW plopped The Flash down by itself this week. Everyone else is still on hiatus.

I did like Nora learning the lesson about second chances.

Absolutely loved Barry reading Mick's book! :)

Nora and Thawne's meeting: interesting.

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