bradygirl_12 (bradygirl_12) wrote,

All Caught Up!

Well, it's nice to be just about all caught up on archiving fiction. My usual pattern is 1) Post to my LJ, 2) Post to appropriate LJ community (either WF or We_Love_Dick), 3) Post to Superman/Batman Archive, and 4) Post to WWOMB.

The Wonderful World of Makebelieve Archive has every fandom you can imagine! Or close to it, anyway. :) I also like both WWOMB and S/B allowing readers to give reviews, and the read count on each story is gratifying. I've had over 70 viewings on some stories over on WWOMB! "Bright Laughter", my Clark/Dick fic, has 34 people eyeballing it already! And I just posted it yesterday! I was pleased to see the Batman/Robin fic, "Light To The Dark", get 71 viewings so far. More people tend to comment on my S/B fic on my journal and on WF so it's nice to see the other pairings get some action. ;)

I guess I'm just an archivist at heart! :)
Tags: archive, clark kent/bruce wayne, clark kent/dick grayson, superman/batman, superman/robin, world's finest
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