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Fic Tally (December 2018)

December wrapped up one story and gave us two others. Appropriate for this time of year! :)

DC Comics stories were:

The posting of Marsh Monster, a Clexian Halloween horror tale, concludes.

Just A Couple Of Misfits!!! ;) is a fluffy little Bruce/Dick tale for the holidays. ;)

Marvel Comics stories were:

The Sisterhood Of The Ruby Stilettos XV: A Taste Of Home is a somber piece starring our two favorite redheads, Pepper and Natasha.

Quick 12_stories Challenge update:

Stories posted this month: 0

Numbers so far since I started the table in 2011:

Mel/Johnny: 10 of 12

Total: 10 of 12

Total number of all fics in December: 2

Total number of all fics in 2018: 21

December Word Count: 4,224

Total 2018 Word Count: 25,526

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Tags: batman/robin, black widow/pepper potts, bruce wayne/dick grayson, clark kent/lex luthor, clex, fanfic, fic tally, just a couple of misfits!!! ;), marsh monster, natasha romanoff/pepper potts, superman/lex luthor, the sisterhood of the ruby stilettos, writing
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