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(Reviews) The Flash 5x9; Arrow 7x9; Legends Of Tomorrow 4x8; Supergirl 4x9; Black Lightning 2x9

The Flash 5x9; Arrow 7x9; Legends Of Tomorrow 4x8; Supergirl 4x9; Black Lightning 2x9

The Elseworlds crossover!

But Legends Of Tomorrow aren't returning until APRIL! Seriously, CW? Your best superhero show gets shelved for nearly FOUR MONTHS? *smh*

The Flash 5x9

I like the start to the Elseworlds crossover.

Have to agree with Iris: eww on Oliver! Also, he's a jerk. :)

I liked the scene with Clark, Lois and Kara at the Kent Farm. I really enjoyed the callback to Smallville with the theme song. I just enjoy seeing Clark back home. :)

A Barry-and-Oliver swap is pure genius!

Arrow 7x9



Arkham Asylum fight!

Kara and Kate bonding (Great chemistry)!

"The World's Finest!"

Legends Of Tomorrow 4x8

Ha, ha, great spoofs of The A-Team, Charlie's Angels and The Muppet Show. Only this show could incorporate Muppets into the plot and no one blinks an eye! ;)

Also good spoof of time travel and what happens when you change the past. The constant checks at the Bureau and the plaques were driving Charlie crazy!

Three Constantines are a pleasure to watch! :)

Neron teaming up with Hank? The Fairy Godmother teaming up with Mick? LOL!

Supergirl 4x9

Some good action resolving this crisis. And now Lois and Clark are going off to Argo City to protect Lois during her pregnancy. Interesting.

Batwoman contacts Oliver. Double interesting!

Cisco as 'Mr. Ramon' was priceless. :)

I really liked Kara getting through and connecting to this remade world's Alex. I love their sisterly dynamic and it keeps coming through no matter what.

LOVE the ol' coal-into-diamond trick. :)

Black Lightning 2x9

Poor Khalil! Good thing Jen's with him.

And I'm not liking the road Lynn is going down. It's all crashing down on her.

Good Jefferson/Gambi scene with Anissa playing referee.

And now this new kid coming into Tobias' web: should be interesting!

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