bradygirl_12 (bradygirl_12) wrote,

Holiday Ideas

Well, I'm really getting into the holiday spirit! I'm finally getting some ideas for holiday fic, so hopefully I can post at least a few before Yule and Christmas, though if I post in January, you can get extra holiday fic during the post-holiday blues, ha, ha!

Right now I have a Bruce/Dick story written, total fluff, that needs work, but it's coming along. And I have an idea for Golden Age Steve/Diana, and maybe some World's Finest. I also started a Natasha/Pepper story last night that might turn into something.

I might even have something Clexian to write! Right now that's kind of iffy, but the boys are hanging around, so we'll see. :)

How about you? Any festive ideas for your favorite characters this year? :)

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