bradygirl_12 (bradygirl_12) wrote,

Kee-Rap!!! (Rant From A Tired Writer)

So, does this new filtering policy mean that you have to change each and every entry to 'Adult Concepts' or 'Explicit Adult Content'? Of if you change your entire journal, you're covered without going through each and every entry?

So what happens if fundies and other bluenoses start to report people? Do the flagged people have any rights, or is those just for the people who like to report others? (heavy sarcasm)

Why must we go through this like every other month now? Good lord, this country is so sex-negative sometimes!

Aah, I'm tired and ticked off that I might have to go back and filter hundreds of entries! Computers (and jittery people) always make you go back and do things over and over and over...
Tags: lj
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