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Supergirl 4x8; Arrow 7x8; Legends Of Tomorrow 4x7; The Flash 5x8; Black Lightning 2x8

So before the big Elseworlds crossover, we get some interesting episodes:

Supergirl 4x8

Sort of a lackluster episode, but Brainy was a bright spot. :)

So Agent Liberty was outed. He's not going anywhere. Now he's a cause celebre.

Does his wife truly believe in the cause or is she just supporting him out of love?

What is about secret identities that people don't get? Kara has the right to her privacy with the dangers of a reveal. She should've said, "Who am I? I'm Kara Zor-El of Krypton."

Arrow 7x8

Some interesting moments here. Ollie looks a little aimless and certainly shocked at how Felicity's changed. I think this is the beginning of the end for them as Ollie wants to get beyond the violence and Felicity is embracing it.

I like Ollie joining the Star City Police Department. Very Silver Age. :)

Oh, no, John and Lyla! NOT DIAZ!!!

Legends Of Tomorrow 4x7

The crack continues! :)

The possessed doll in 1856 New Orleans was a wonderfully creepy story, and continued on board the Waverider. The doll's noises as it traversed the ducts? Ooh, super-creepy!

Harsh dinner there, guys! I guess Rory never pulls his punches.

Constantine in love! Of course it ends badly, but watching Mr. Intensity love with everything he's got is pretty spectacular. He's a real Legend, too, as he royally screws things up. Yikes!

And what the hell happened to Mona?

The Flash 5x8

More time travel shenanigans, but they escaped, kinda, sorta. A good look back at the series first 100 episodes.

Ralph bringing in Back To The Future music was perfect! :)

Something's up with Harrison 'Sherlocque' Wells!

Uh, oh, VERY something's up!

Black Lightning 2x8

I really like Khalil and Jen together, but they're not going to get far with Tobias sending his professional killers on their tails.

Poor Lynn. Booze won't help, honey. :(

Nice Anissa/Gambi scene. Gambi will ALWAYS watch over his family!


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